Profile of Mountain Challenger Treks & Expeditions Staff and Guides :

Mr.J.B. Rai:

Mr. J.B Rai holds the position as MD and a senior guide of Mountain Challenger Treks & Expeditions, born and raised in and around Everest region of Nepal Mid-Eastern Himalaya. Started his career in tourism since his early teens, began as a trainee guide with other reputed companies of Nepal. Mr. Rai with his great knowledge and experience soon became a chief trekking guide during his short period. Mr. Rai since his career as trekking guides has lead countless treks during his professional life as a trekking guide, gaining enough knowledge of tourism and trekking logistic making every customer satisfied with his friendly and exceptional services. A reliable and responsible person and true to his commitment, besides various past experience Mr. Rai a knowledgeable person with fluent in English and German languages besides his native mother tongue.  


Mr. Bishnu Rai:

Mr. Bishnu Rai a Trekking Guide born in the high hills of Nepal Mid-East Himalaya around Everest region, started his trekking career since past ten years leading groups of different nationality around high mountains of Nepal Himalaya and offering excellent services with good knowledge of the area of trekking. Trekking with Bishnu Rai will be enjoyable providing good information of the village culture and folk story and of the area of trekking and expert in English language and studying Master Degree in English subject, as well can communicate with other nationalities including German also.   

Mr. Man Bahadur Rai:

Mr. Man Bhadur Rai one of the most experienced mountain and trekking guide who has led and guided countless trekking around Nepal Himalaya since past two decades. Mr. Rai hails from Solu-Khumbu district, located Nepal Mid-East close to Mt. Everest and Mt. Makalu area, due to his mountain background and born on high hills of Himalaya which made him a strong and healthy person over the years as a trekking guide. Mr. Rai, a pleasant, honest and hard working guide with his longtime experience as a trekking guide, which supports great help to the company that he works with Mountain Challengers Treks and Expeditions. Trekking with Mr Rai will certainly make your adventure holiday in Nepal well worth with enjoyable and memorable times on achieving much information and excellent services from Rai.


Mr. Karma Sherpa hails from the very lap of Mt. Everest born and bred in Solu-Khumbu district of Nepal Mid-Eastern Himalaya, from the early age of teen been involved in mountaineering expeditions so far has summited Mt. Everest six times, world 8th highest Mt. Manaslu 8,163 m four time, and world 3rd and Nepal 2nd highest Mt. Kanchenjunga 8,586 m three times.

Mr, Karma Sherpa has climbed various lesser peaks below 8,000 m and above 7,000 m including trekking peaksof Nepal, very experienced mountaineer started his career in mountaineering and trekking since past two decades leading countless of groups of world-wide nationalities.

With his immense climbing and mountaineering skills and experience has led many climbers to the summit top of renowned peaks around Nepal Himalaya, a very friendly and informative guide one can trust.

For any adventurous and mountaineering adventure Mr. Karma Sherpa will be your perfect choice to lead and guide you around Nepal and Tibet Himalaya with high successful treks and climb, makes your time in Nepal and around Himalaya worth the experience.


Mr. UmeshRai, a professional and veteran cook with various long experience asMountaineering Expedition cook as well on camping treks around remote and isolated areas of Nepal Himalaya.


Mr. UmeshRai has worked with several leading local companies of Nepal as a cook and chef with Mountain Challenger Trek And Expedition for many continues years, a bright and ever friendly person always with pleasant and happy smiles, where world-wide trekkers who has been with UmeshRai found him as very cooperative, most trusted.


Trekkers and mountaineers are always delighted with his cooking skills with recipes up to its sleeves from continental, oriental, Chinese, Indian, Nepalese to Mexican and Italian and much more, he makes every customer satisfied with its delicious cooking in all kinds of weather conditions even in high altitude below – 15 degree Celsius.


So when you are in Nepal for various trekking and climbing adventure UmeshRai will be your best choice on camping trips around Himalaya.


Mr. SonamPhinjo Sherpa born and raised on the very laps of Mt. Everest around high Khumbu valley in Pangboche village which is at above 3,900 m high, the last permanent human settlement on route to Everest base camp and other adventure destinations.

Been working as professional mountaineering guide with Ten years of experience leading various treks and mountaineering expeditions with highly successful trips, have climb to the summit of Mt. Everest three times and Mt. AmaDablamwhich is above 6,814 m high, a very technical peak to climb, besides renowned high mountains he has led and have summited many other peaks in his mountaineering and trekking career.   

An expert trekking and mountaineering guide with years of experience with pleasing personality offering great services and keeping every client satisfied and happy.


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