Nepal Far West Himalayan region will surely be your next adventure destination as this areas located far from popular and mainstream trekking trails, in absolute wilderness where few adventurer and trekkers seldom venture and explore this beautiful awesome country. This could be the perfect holidays in and around high mountains in the harmony of tranquil surrounding of cool woodland and green hills, exploring far and remote rural farm villages of great cultural interest. Nepal Far West Himalaya Region due to its remoteness where less people often travels to witness its undisturbed villages and serene surroundings, where walk leads you on quiet and peaceful trails with constant views of dramatic scenery of rolling green hills, valley and high mountains. Mountain Challenger Treks and Expeditions offer wide range of marvelous destinations around Nepal Far West Himalaya from Upper Mustang, Around Dhaulagiri, Upper and Lower Dolpo including Rara Lake located towards Far Western end of the Himalayan chain of peaks within Nepal. An enjoyable and exciting journey of moderate to adventurous or challenging trekking that we lined up for your interest and delights in our range of Nepal Far West Himalaya region programs.

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