Nepal Far East Himalayan Region, where adventure leads you to explore far and remote isolated areas of Nepal Far Eastern Himalayan rim, into complete ambiance of pure and pristine environment untouched by outside world and trekkers. This might be your next adventure on the list of Nepal Himalayan series, as trek around Nepal Far East Himalayan region, is quite different to other popular areas of trekking route within Himalayas. Nepal Far East Himalayan Region, a great country where walks leads you from low warm sub-tropical temperatures to cooler alpine hills and ending at arctic zone of remorseless fields of ice and glaciers. Beside exceptional mountain views of Makalu and Kanchenjunga range of peaks as far to Mt. Everest the green hills covered with lovely tall trees of pines, oaks, firs, birch, hemlock with rhododendron and magnolia. In spring the country will be a paradise for nature lovers when flowers are in blooming seasons. The remote farm villages of great interest enriched with age-old traditions and heritage where you can explore its lively cultures of both Hindu and Buddhism religions. Nepal Far East Himalayan Region trekking which is a longer duration adventure holidays of more than two weeks where flights and short drives included before and after the trekking. Mountain Challenger Treks and Expeditions offers wide range adventure around Nepal Far East Himalayan Region like Makalu Base Camp, Makalu and Sherpani-West Col and Kanchenjunga Base Camp including Far North Kanchenjunga trekking. Apart from the list we provide many other areas within Far Eastern region as per your interest and choice with tailor-make itinerary also to fit in with your holiday duration in Nepal with us.

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