Langtang Himal Region one of the most scenic and fascinating areas for all types of adventure walks and climbs, from leisure, moderate, adventurous to challenging which you can choose in our wide range of programs on Langtang Himal region. The closest Himalayan mountains from the capital Kathmandu at mere aeronautical distance of 32 k.m. where the Central Mountain range of Nepal Himalaya touches the frontier of Tibet- China, where some of our treks leads close to the border. A wonderful walks leads you within Langtang National Park, the first ever park with nature and wildlife conservation in and around Nepal Himalaya, where trek takes you within enchanting serene forest of tall rhododendron (Nepal national flower) to bushes of azalea, with other species of rhododendron. In spring and summer the whole hills will be a paradise when wild-flowers are in full bloom in the country where wild and elusive Snow-Leopard and Red Panda dwells with other mountain animals with antelopes. Trekking into Langtang Himal Region offers you with wide range of scenery from giant snow- capped peaks with rolling green hills and valley and river gorge in the harmony of local Tamang people immense culture and traditions, where this trek leads you to explore its fabulous country of great beauty and culture. Mountain Challenger Treks & Expeditions offers wide range of programs for your interest and delights and as per your time and duration in Nepal for Langtang Himal Region trekking and adventure.

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